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Monsters of Law series

In the Monsters of Law series we ask academics and practitioners of law how the intersections of technology and law shape our everyday life. They answer with examples and perspectives that help us navigate the interesting times of technological transformation, both practically and from the policy perspective.

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Eleonora Rosati

An Italian-qualified lawyer (avvocato) with experience in the area of copyright, trademarks, fashion and internet laws. An associate professor in intellectual property (IP) law at the University of Southampton, an Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (Oxford University Press), an IP Kat and a Door Tenant at specialist IP set 8 New Square in London.


The Monsters of Law is organized by the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU, a group of Wikimedians who promote free access to, and re-use of, human knowledge. We take a stance on legislation on open access, copyright, and other major legislative and political changes affecting the vision, mission and values of the Wikimedia movement.